Download the app!

You can download the application for free via your phone. Available on iOS and Android store.

Don't Cook Just Book

Book a place in a few clicks

Find a restaurant

Find restaurants near you or search by Name, Location, Type of Cuisine

Choose a table

Use the bird's eye view or the list to find the exact place where you want to sit

Create a Reminder

Never miss a reservation thanks to e-mail or notification reminders

After the search, you will see a list of restaurants that you can open, view the menu, gallery or reserve a table.

Select Place

After selecting the date, time and number of people, a list or image of free and occupied tables will appear.

Reservation Confirmed

After choosing a seat, the restaurant will accept your request, after which you will receive a notification. On the confirmation screen, you can set a specific reminder time or share your booking information with friends.

Where can I download the app?

The eSpoon app is completely free and available for download at App Store and Google Play store.

Why is eSpoon better than standard booking?

Through our application, you can complete the reservation for one minute, to know exactly where are you sitting, to use discounts and make reminders for reservations.

What should I do when I arrive at the restaurant?

After arriving at the restaurant, you need to contact the staff to scan you QR  the code, in order to confirm your arrival.